FAQs on Ante-Natal /Pregnancy Checkups (ANC)

  1. How to calculate Expected Date of Delivery (EDD)?
    Expected date of delivery is calculated by adding 9 months and 7 days in the last day of menstrual period (LMP).

    EDD= Date of LMP +9 months+7 days

    For Example a woman has come on 10th Oct and says that she completed eight months of her pregnancy 10 days to go; it becomes clear that she will be completing her ninth month on 30th Oct and her EDD (9 months plus 7 days) is 6 November.
  2. When should you decide for confirming pregnancy?
    If you have missed your period then you may need to confirm whether you are pregnant. The urine test results in case of a pregnant woman become positive after 7 days of missed period. So you can confirm your pregnancy after 7 days.
  3. How can I confirm my pregnancy?
    The simplest way for you to confirm pregnancy is to conduct a urine examination using a pregnancy test kit. The pregnancy test will be offered to any woman in the reproductive age group who comes to a health facility with a history of amenorrhoea or symptoms of missed period. Government of India has made the pregnancy test kit (Nischay) available across the country.
  4. When should I register?
    The first visit or registration of a pregnant woman for ANC should take place as soon as the pregnancy is suspected or within 12 weeks.
  5. Where can I register?
    Registration can be done at a VHND site, sub centre, PHC or any other public health facility.
  6. How many check-ups are required if I want to have a safe delivery?
    As a pregnant woman you must ensure minimum of 4 pregnancy (ante natal) checkups if you want to have a safe delivery.
    • Registration and (First ANC) pregnancy check up: A soon as the period is missed or as early as possible first within first three months of missing the period.
    • (Second ANC) pregnancy check up: In 4th- 6th month of pregnancy
    • (Third ANC) pregnancy check up: In 7th – 8th month of pregnancy
    • (Fourth ANC) pregnancy check up : In 9th month of pregnancy
  7. What are Essential checkups done during ANC?
    Blood, urine test and physical examination to know the growth and well being of the foetus/ baby.
  8. What are the drugs which can be taken during pregnancy?
    Folic acid 400Mcg, Iron Folic Acid tablet for at least 3 months after 12 weeks, besides this any other drug should only be taken if advised by a doctor.
  9. Whenever I visit the health facility for pregnancy check-up do I require testing, if yes which are tests that I must undertake?
    Estimation of Hb %, B.P, weight Check, urine for albumin & sugar are the tests to be undertaken on each visit.
  10. What will be the benefit of registering in MCTS?
    Registering in MCTS ensures timely provision of services like ANC, PNC, Immunization etc.
  11. Is there any scheme for a pregnant woman? If yes, what are the schemes and what are their benefits?
    A pregnant woman can avail services under two centrally sponsored schemes:
    Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY)
    Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram (JSSK)
  12. What are the danger signals during pregnancy?
    • High fever with or without abdominal pain, too weak to get out of bed Persistent Vomiting
    • High BP (≥140/90 mmHg) with or without proteins in the urine.
    • Severe headache with blurred vision
    • Convulsions or loss of consciousness
    • Vaginal bleeding
    • Decreased or absent foetal movement
  13. 13. When should you visit/ report to PHC or (First Referral Unit) FRU?
    Visit FRU Visit 24 hour PHC
    Vaginal bleeding in advanced pregnancy Burning during passing of urine.
    Decreased or no foetal movements High grade fever or any medical illness
    Swelling all over body, palpitations, shortness of breath. Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy
    Swelling all over body and / or blurring of vision Excessive nausea and vomiting
    High blood pressure detected in ANC. Leaking per vaginum before on set of labour
    Fits High blood pressure detected in ANC
    Labour pains or leaking before 9 months of pregnancy Fainting and / or pain in abdomen
    Leaking for more than 12 hours without labour pains
    Foul smelling leaking with or without fever
    Labour pains more than 12 hours
    Continuous abdominal pain.
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